Tesla: Making Inroads For An Electric Future

Tesla: Making Inroads For An Electric Future

October 2063. Hayfork, San Francisco, Calif.

She pointed out across the winding road, to the fields upon fields of burnt, dead grass. A brownish, flickering hue lay in sky, and the stillness was evident.

“Nothing good grows here,” she frowned, “Not since the ozone has completely been ripped from San Francisco. All our ponds have dried as well.”

Her Pa’ looked on and nodded, lost in own thoughts.

True what she said. Contributing to this were the heaps and heaps of towering factories that had opened up this side of the coast, and remarkably among them were many automobile manufacturing units. All passing out batch upon batch of cars, heaving out fumes.

Calif. was officially declared to be uninhabitable further down south, where the ozone damage was much more.


This was a future Tesla, and it’s owner, Elon Musk was keen on avoiding. With his push to market and produce electric cars from the early 2000s, Tesla has come a long, and it seems that it is the frontrunner for a viable electric car future.

Musk, very firmly, believes in a clean future. His company is very invested in solar power apart from electric automobiles, and with growing consumer awareness regarding their contribution to a cleaner future, the ‘clean’ industry is growing by the day.

Tesla is on road to be the more profitable entity than other electric car manufacturers with its Tesla Model 3 being the best selling electric car in 2018, according to JATO Dynamics.